In the middle of the 19th century a new ‘Chaussee’ (paved road) from Aarhus, via Silkeborg-Herning, to Ringkøbing was constructed and in the 1850’ties it reached the area of Videbæk, where the Inn was was the first building to be erected.

The original Innkeeper was Jens Lund, who stayed until 1895, when he sold it to Chr. Westergaard.

The Videbæk Inn was so called ‘privileged’ with the connected rights and duties – some along the lines of a British coaching inn. April 24th 1907, in the evening, disaster struck, and the inn burned down, but Westergaard had ir re-built in the handsome style it still retains. On this occasion it changed its name to Westergaard’s Hotel.

Chr. Westergaard died in 1927, but his widow continued the management until her death in 1938, after which the daughter Dina and her husband Søren Fæster followed until 1974.

After eight turbulent years John Larsen and Peter Westergaard took the helm until 1987, when Rita Hald and Paco Monagas Sanchez became new owners.

In March 1997 Ove Jørgensen, Hotel Vildbjerg, and Bent Graakjær bought the hotel, which in the previous months had been through a major refurbishment. After four years Hotel Vildbjerg was bought out, and since then Westergaard’s Hotel has been in the hands of Hildigunn and Bent Graakjær as sole owners.

The hotel has undergone further refurbishment and is continiously being updated, giving the experience of a modern hotel, but with due consideration to its original ambience.